About us

Hi Everyone! We are Laura and Sam!

We have made this blog to document our adventures and travels throughout of lives. I cant wait to one day look back at this whilst sitting on our balcony with grey hair and wrinkles around our eyes reminiscing of our younger days.

One of my favourite past times is looking at old photos, whether it be photos I took only a few years ago or an old shoe box my Nana dug up from the wardrobe with photos from her childhood, wedding and when my Dad was growing up. I could spend hours just looking at old photos and imagining the lives of the people in them.

Ever since we met we have wanted to travel the world together. We are finally making it happen with big plans of travelling full time in 2018. We are currently planning our Europe trip so if you have any tips or recommendations of where we should go please feel free to let us know!

We are both passionate about photography and cinematography and would one day love to make it our full time jobs.  We are slowly getting better the more we practice and would love to learn more, so if you have any advice please leave a comment below.

We will be posting photos from each country we visit, along with fun stories and helpful travel tips!

Follow us on our journey, we would love to have you around! ♥



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  1. Best of luck with your travels! Europe has a lot to offer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much 🙂


  2. ‘Love the blog. Thanks for following!

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  3. Thanks for following Shaking the Tree. Best of luck on your travel adventures. Hope you have a blast!

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  4. Hey Sam and Laura! Thanks for the visit. Looking forward to your Europe travels! Sounds like it going to be amazing. Good luck and great blog! 🙂 – Faye


  5. I can’t offer any destination advice—the world I knew has gone passed—but if you get the chance to visit the Great Pyramid I’ll sit glued to every snap you post.
    I think it’s a chance you should grab, you may never get it again and will deeply regret the not using thereof (I did, didn’t, and do …)


  6. Bugger—I meant ‘gone and passed’ and left out a bit.

    But while I’m here I’ll add Tiahuanaco to that list, and Sacsayhuaman, and anywhere else that triggers the good ol’ “How they hell did they dooooo that?” reflex.

    Now go get ’em, Tiger!


  7. Hi Laura and Sam, Thank you for following my photography blog, Jane’s Lens. I hope you enjoy my work. I love your sense of adventure and look forward to reading more. Happy travels!

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  8. Awesome adventure! looking forward to following along!

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  9. You have a great blog here! Happy Blogging on your journey!

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  10. Rome was one of our favorite cities! I hope you get the chance to visit.

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  11. Enjoyed reading your blog and your gorgeous photos! I look forward to your future updates. Thanks for following Displaced Beachbums.


  12. Thanks for the follow! Traveling is so much fun. I’m headed down to Costa Rica and Panama next week! We can’t wait!


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