Hamilton Island, Whitsundays

Sometimes when it’s a slow, boring day at work I think about what it would be like to pack up and live on an island somewhere, and then I think, ‘oh wait, been there – done that!’

This isn’t a post about a new adventure, rather a throwback to what it was like living in Paradise – a tropical island near the Great Barrier Reef. 

I don’t even know where to start. Hamilton Island is pure paradise.
Sadly, Sam and I didn’t live here together (long distance sucks!) but I thought I’d share this beautiful part of the world with you anyway, as it is too amazing not to share!


The Whitsundays are made up of 74 tropical islands in the warm waters of Australia’s Coral Sea, most of these islands are uninhabited and flying in to Hamilton Island is absolutely breathtaking!!

Hamilton Island is accessible by Ferry or Plane. It is the only island in the Whitsundays with an airport. To reach the others, you have to either ferry from Airlie Beach (the closest mainland city) or fly to Hamilton Island then ferry to your destination from there.   524990_10151308460209267_239379927_n

I moved to Hamo with one of my best friends, Zoe (pictured below) as part of our studies for Uni. Zoe worked at the yacht Club and I worked at Reef View Hotel.IMG_4104

Zoe at The Yacht Club



My last day of work, admiring the view from the 19th floor




The main beach is called ‘Catseye’, however there are few other, more secluded beaches if you are willing to take a hike. ‘Escape Beach’ is the most secluded, it is almost a secret as not many people know about it! Zoe and I hiked there one morning and spent at least 5 hours swimming and sunbathing – amazingly not one other person was ever in sight!

Catseye Beach



Escape Beach


Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven was named the South Pacific’s Best Beach in 2015 and it’s not hard to see why. Unfortunately we went on a very Gloomy day, in the middle of Tropical Storm Season, but it was still stunning and a breathtaking experience. The sand on Whitehaven is so fine that it squeaks when you walk on it and it can even polish jewelry. 229625_10151610369559267_613930280_n945619_10151610369584267_1492479684_n

DSCN2067.JPGPassage Peak

To see one of the most amazing sunrises you’ll ever see in your life, you’ll have to get up at 4am and hike for an hour to Passage Peak. Getting up at 4am is definitely worth the spectacular views!!! Pictures don’t do it justice at all. 485103_10151458812299267_1609757666_n150722_10151458812309267_1667294663_n


Sunset Walk





All I can say is, photos do not do Hamilton Island Justice!!

Laura x



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