Cathedral Cove, Coromandel

Accessible only by foot, boat or kayak is Cathedral Cove, the most stunning beach on the Coromandel Peninsular.

You can’t simply drive up, get out of the car and take a few shots just to say ‘you’ve been there’.

I love the fact you can’t drive to Cathedral Cove as it adds a bit of mystery and seclusion to your trip. Even though it is always busy, when you get there you feel like you’re on a deserted island with pristine blue water and a white sandy beach. I have one word for you, PARADISE.

Most people walk down from the car park which is about a 30 minute walk depending on your pace. The car park is always full and people often can’t find a park, so we decided to walk from Hahei, which takes about one hour. Hahei is the closest town to Cathedral Cove and has it’s very own stunning beach. (see below)


Walking from Hahei was absolutely amazing as there were stunning views the entire way. We noticed there were a few detours you could take to 2 different little bays along the way, Gemstone and Stingray Bay, so of course we jumped at the opportunity to go to both of them.

Stingray Bay



The track to get to Cathedral Cove is by no means flat. There are many hills, but low fitness levels can definitely do it, just take your time.

Once you get to the beach your jaw will drop in awe of the place. You’ll immediately think the walk there was worth it, just to experience the beauty of the beach!

Sam flipping of the jumping rock



We did it!

I highly recommend visiting this beautiful spot in New Zealand!

Thanks for reading!

Laura xx


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